Karen E. Jacke - Principal

WorkSpark Consulting's Karen Jacke specializes in working closely with management to help them overcome substantial obstacles hindering their business and organizational success. Karen has a proven track record of achieving hard business results leveraging what many call the "touchy, feely stuff". Her deep insight into people and business gives her a unique ability to quickly understand management's dilemma, assess the problem(s) and fully engage the team in developing and getting committed to action plans that ensure accountable and measureable results.

Karen has over 20 years consulting and senior management experience with leading Silicon Valley technology and software firms such as Apple and Intuit, numerous start-ups such as BabyCenter and Bigstep and the leading consumer consumer package goods company, Procter & Gamble.

What problems are keeping you awake at night?

  • Unclear business direction or stagnant business results?
  • Management or cross-functional fighting marked by finger-pointing and blame?
  • Wasteful, inefficient work processes filled with duplicate work, high error rates or unacceptable turnaround times?
  • Employees with low morale or lots of complaints about management?
  • Such rapid growth that you just can't keep the wheels on...things that used to work just aren't effective any more?

WorkSpark Consulting can help with these and many other tough problems. Give Karen a call and she'll come by to listen to your problem and see if there's a match.